Why is it So Difficult to Lose Weight and Keep it Off?

Celebrating Weight Loss

Over 45 million Americans will go on a diet this year. Most will be unsuccessful. The human brain has a powerful “set point” mechanism that stubbornly resists efforts to lose weight. A six-year follow-up study of participants in “The Biggest Loser” TV show found that 70% of the weight lost was back in one year. Incredibly, the study also found that the participants were actually burning 500-700 fewer calories per day than before their weight loss – their metabolism actually slowed down. The “set point” factor was turning down their metabolism and making them hungry when their weight was below that “set point.”  The sad truth is, without some help it is extremely difficult to lose weight and keep it off.

The difficulty is compounded by bad habits we develop over the years like eating too quickly or just out of habit. Often, our portions are too large. Our busy lifestyles have trained us to eat too fast. The “satiety” mechanism can be slow and by the time we get the “I’m full” sensation, we have already consumed too much. And of course, we are constantly bombarded by marketing messages that tell us YOU REALLY WANT THIS!

VinThin can help will all these issues. It helps us feel full faster, and feel not nearly as hungry in the first place. A metabolic boost helps burn calories faster too. Over time, it can help change our habits to keep the weight off.

The VinThin Story

At the Al-Maissam Research Center, near the Sea of Galilee, a renewal of ancient medicinal wisdom is under way. It is a unique collaboration of farmers, scientists, pharmacologists and herbalists. Their goal is to revive the rich heritage of Greek-Arabic herbal knowledge that has been passed down through generations of healers. Several years ago, they recreated a traditional herbal blend that can help people lose weight. It curbs appetite, speeds digestion, and helps improve metabolism. Scientists in Copenhagen, Denmark combined the blend with a Japanese dietary fiber to create a patented one-per-day formula.

VinThin Clinical Trials

8-Week clinical trials were performed in 2016 and 2017. Both were double-blind, placebo-controlled tests performed at the the University of Copenhagen. The 2016 trial had 32 participants, 19 Active and 13 Placebo.  Average weight loss for the Active group was 8.4 lbs, vs. 0.2 lbs for the Placebo group.  In 2017, the trial was repeated, this time with 30 participants, 15 Active and 15 Placebo.  Average weight loss for the Active group was 9.2 lbs, vs. 1.5 lbs for the Placebo group.

In addition to the weight losses, participants reported significant reductions in appetite and cravings.  BMI and waist reduction were commensurate with the weight loss. Participants also noted improvements in regularity. There were NO negative side effects reported. Informal tracking for an additional 4 weeks showed continued weight loss of 1-2 lbs. per week.

VinThin Safety

Each of the ingredients in VinThin has been recognized as safe by multiple regulatory agencies at 10-20 times the dosage level in VinThin. This determination is supported by in vitro animal studies with rat liver homogenates which confirmed the safety of very large doses of VinThin with LD50 rating of 15gr/kg which is extremely high. LDH release also demonstrated complete atoxicity of VinThin to cells.

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