Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Success with VinThin

Small Portions

Take Smaller Portions. Eat More Slowly. 

Yes, you have heard this advice before, but it actually works with VinThin. You will feel full much faster, and you will likely skip the 2nd portion. VinThin helps you feel full quickly, but not instantly. Give it time to work.

Keep your VinThin where you will see it each morning.

Make it part of your morning routine. VinThin won’t work if you don’t take it. Duh. That’s one of the big problems with weight-loss supplements you need to take before each meal. It’s just too easy to forget or get the timing wrong. VinThin makes it easy.

Woman with scale

Don’t Get Discouraged!

Weight loss often happens in “bursts.” Your weight can easily vary several pounds per day due to water retention and other factors. Don’t worry about the daily ups and downs.

 If You’re Not Hungry, Don’t Eat!

This is another “Duh.” But it’s amazing how often we eat anyway. With VinThin, you will feel full a lot longer than you’re used to. Learn to listen to the new signals your body is sending.

Dont Stop

Don’t Stop Too Soon.

Or the weight will come back. Get used to eating less over a period of several months to help reset that nasty “set point.”

 Get Some Company

Doing a VinThin program together with a friend or family member can help reinforce the changes in habits needed for long-term weight control. Ask our customer service team about group/volume discounts!

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